Brooke Banner in some incredible live porn scenes

One of the if not the most classiest adult models in the adult entertainment business today. A gorgeous 32-year-old woman and one of the Hottest Pornstars Brooke Banner. A University of Florida dropout, the matter of fact she was born in Gainesville Florida, she decided that instead of studying she should be taking cock, just like she did during her two years of college, but she should do it in front of a camera and she should get paid for it because she is exceptional at what she does.

I have been following her, via DVDs and on-demand television throughout these past years and I have to say that I yet have to see the video of her having sex that I do not like, I love them all and I collect them all. Now, she has taken another step forward in her brilliant career and is now performing in live porn videos, it is a matter of fact that she is one of the best at what she does, it’s not me that says that, it’s the numbers the viewers, the people that sit down and watch each and every one of her individual live porn videos.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Measurements: 34D-26-34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

Personal Details:
Age: 31 years OLD
Date of Birth: September 28, 1983
Astrological Sign: Libra
Birthplace: Gainesville, FL USA
Ethnicity: American
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: “CXIV hb” on right side of torso; Sleeve (fairy, butterflies, flowers) on left arm; Lettering inside left wrist; Kanji inside right forearm; Red star between right thumb and index finger; Tribal lower back; Winged fairy with violin left bikini line; Small red heart on top of left foot
Piercings: Navel; nostril
Aliases: Brooke; Lindsey Brooke; Lindsay Brooke; Brooke Biggs; Chrissy; Brook; Miss Brooke
Started in 2002 at approx 19 years old
Fun Fact: Breasts augmented from D to DD December, 2009

As you can see I have linked right here one of Brooke Banner Live Porn Video pages, so you can have an idea of what it’s all about and how great all this is, to be because I think that by visiting the page you’ll understand a lot more instead of me talking about it for the next 10 minutes LOL.

I have been told that Brooke Loves to suck cock…

Not only did she say it in several interviews, but you know how these interviews go where they will say things to make their fans happy but she also set it to several friends and people she has actually given BJ’s. She has openly said that sucking cock is something that she thoroughly enjoys and it really makes her wet. That’s great to know because every time that she goes on live, when she is performing in Live Webcam Porn you can actually see that she puts a lot of effort into it and she lasts a lot longer on that cock in many other of her colleagues would and often do.

My suggestion to you would be to check out one of her Live Porn Movies and judging your self if I and she is right if she really is good at it and if it does seem that she enjoys it


Your next move from here, would be to check out our safe for work blog that is dedicated to the beautiful girls of This is a website that you can visit and surf without being worried that somebody is going to see you watching porn simply because there is no visual porn is just photographs very hot women totally dressed and lots of news and statistics about the babes and about what is going on over at the specific network that were talking about today.

Brooke amazing live porn video, must see!

The greatest thing that is ever happened in online porn and therefore pornography on the Internet is without doubts Live Cam Porn, but not the one that you’re thinking about, not the one of the girl doing a solo, of the girl that really anybody knows that will do herself in front of her WebCam in her spare bedroom or in her college dorm or while her kids are at school. This is the real thing, this is a studio, this is a professional adult actress so-called pornstar and if any of you don’t know who Brooke Banner is, then I suggest you look it up, but her name in on Google and you will get thousands of pages, hundreds of videos, not to mention the incredible photographs you can possibly find of her dressed, not dressed, with the Dick inside her making incredible porn videos.

brooke banner cherrypimps

She is doing quality live porn, she is one of them Pornstars on cam that actually likes what she’s doing, said in an interview not too long ago for AVN that she adores interacting with her fans, she loves going to the shows and signing autographs and taking photographs all the people that appreciate what she does, but most of all she absolutely adores the fact interact with her friends while she has a cock inside her, it has to be the most kinkiest thing ever and it is something that absolutely turns her on to the full extent.

Never the less, she is one of the top 10 most famous porn stars not inactivity but all times, one would say that is not possible because there are many more famous in her, that is not true, all you have to do is check out the statistics of how many times have videos have been seen, on how many DVDs that she has sold and how many viewers are watching her when she performs in live porn videos on
Talking about that specific website, there is now an official Cherry Pimps Facebook Page, by the way has not been opened yet, or is officially announced because there, they are updating it, but for some reason they don’t want people to know, well at least not yet, but I don’t give a crap I’m going to tell you that they already have one and that you should become a fan right away, so click on the link here above be sure to go check it out, and most of all be sure to like it.

Brooke has a personal profile on Live Porn

When I was aghast over at the network that were talking about I actually had the pleasure and the great opportunity to meet Brooke Banner on, we sat down and had a couple of years before she actually went on the set to do a live porn video, and I have to say she’s a really smart chick, she is also extremely hot, and I actually got to meet her for the first time while she had close on LOL. She also people that was very funny, and I sat in then watched her do her live sex act and it was quite a show. She puts a lot of effort in it and you can tell and in those two hours of nonstop sex she would make one guy come and then letting go and another guy would come in and she would do the same with him she did it to four guys before the show was over, that’s one hell of a woman and that’s a lot of sex.

brooke banner live porn videos

So when I tell you that they are totally a different thing these Live Pornstars Shows then you have to believe it, there really is nothing more exciting than this this is the new trend in porn so they say, I simply say that this is a totally new thing overall, this is something that will not fade away, this is something that is here to stay and it is something here to take over whatever was doing great before they showed up.

I also like to spend a few words for Dana Dearmond at, I haven’t met her yet, but I did watch her live porn video yesterday evening and she is one hell of a woman and I do suggest next time that she is performing that you guys check her out.

Brooke Banner Amazing was watching her making a live porn video

Needless to say I am a very big fan of Brooke, and among my collection of DVDs I think I may have for if not why of her most successful movies, she is a classy porn star and she deftly knows how to handle every situation, if it’s big if it’s small if it’s more than one she like many other Hot Pornstars that I consider my favorites know how to handle and know how to turn on. Said that, now that she is doing life porn we have an incredible opportunity to see her at work without any editing happening during the making of the live sex show, it’s live it’s right there happening at the time that you are watching that’s what makes it in my humble opinion so amazing, I can’t think of a lower class word to use simply because it is absolutely an astonishingly amazing.

Watching your favorite (in my case) porn star actually interacting with her fans while she is getting fucked by one big cock or more. You see there is a monitor in the room where she is having sex and at all times she can read what the fans are asking her to do and in many cases believe it or not, she will actually do it or she will spontaneously answer back to her fans regarding what they are saying when typing in and sending it on the screen. It’s a little complex to explain but if you get the chance to go and see one of the shows for free, that’s right it is free to try, you’ll then understand exactly what I am trying to say.

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Live porn with sexy pornstar Brooke Banner

Sexy to say the least, I could be here all day and describe her positively for hours, I don’t think that there is a single movie that she has made since she’s been a porn star that I have not seen, I think that I have every single DVD that Pornstar Brooke Banner has come out with and I have watched on the porn too called all the other movie that she has made but have never been released on disk.

Then came the news that she was actually broadcasting live some of her porn scenes, in other words she was getting banged while there were WebCams in the recording studio filming everything and obviously broadcasting it live, so I looked into it and I discovered that she is doing this now at least once every other week, on a massive network that has the exclusive one of the websites on that network is called

brooke banner porn cherrypimps

I was also very excited to know that a number of famous porn star and one of my favorite bitches Nikki Benz at will be doing the same thing, this also is one of the websites of the network and therefore we will see them both making live porn videos for everybody to enjoy while they actually happen, while they take cock you will see it live, while they suck Dick, you will see it live, while they have multiple orgasms and squirt, we will all see that live thanks to this new trend that this network is put out and it has nowhere else to go but up.

So if you think that Live Sex Shows are the future and could be something that you could be interested in, I would suggest that you click on one of the links that I have posted in this article and to go and check it out for yourself, you don’t need to sign up to see what it’s all about and therefore you don’t need to put your hand in your pocket and pull out your credit card. But if you do decide to sign up let me break this other good news to you you can either sign up for a day enjoy all the live sex shows in that 24 hour period for just two dollars, or you can sign up for a month and pay less than $40 and join a month there are hundreds of live sex shows and hundreds of porn stars streaming live sex. You can take simply the six months membership and pay less than a day and during those six months there are at least 2000 shows, 2000 porn stars getting Dick, sucking it taking it up both their holes and it’s all live, now that is some good news isn’t it?!!

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